[lab_heading title=”Team.”]Our team and staff is presented here, we do what we love,
Who we are, what we do and our social networks, connect with us.[/lab_heading]
[lab_team_members reveal_effect=”none” hover_style=”distanced”][lab_team_members_member image=”3788″ name=”Danilo Pelzer” sub_title=”CEO” description=”Facebook.
Twitter.“][lab_team_members_member image=”3788″ name=”Lisa De Ridder” sub_title=”Web Designer” description=”Behance.
Dribbble. ” link=”url:%23||”][lab_team_members_member image=”3790″ name=” Richard Müller” sub_title=”Web Developer” description=”Stackoverflow.
“][lab_team_members_member image=”3788″ name=”Manuel Milani” sub_title=”Designer” description=”Pinterest.
“][lab_team_members_member image=”3790″ name=”Gabriele Guerra” sub_title=”Finance Manager” description=”Hello, my name is Gabriele Guerra, I’m a Finance Manager at Kalium.

You can write me anytime:“][lab_team_members_placeholder title=”Wanna work with us?” link=”|title:Join%20us%20now!|”][/lab_team_members]

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